About us

Migrate Aussie is a recognised immigration and visa consulting group specialising in obtaining Australian visas. We're based in Australia with satellite offices around Southeast Asia. Over the last 8 years, we've successfully obtained more than 2000 visas, and we would love to help you with yours.

Making it easy for you

We handle every step of your migration process, from professional consultations, visa applications, applications for official qualification and trade recognition & job searches to resettlement services. 

Fully certified

Our team is comprised of qualified immigration lawyers and visa consultants with years of combined industry experience. Our consultants are officially recognised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia (MARA).

Increase your chances of success

We maintain 99% success rate by ensuring a high standard of pre-application assessment, monitoring your application at each step, and proposing alternative options to achieve your goal. This saves you time and money by determining early on whether you qualify for immigration, and your best options. 

Avoiding costs, risks & delays

Many underestimate the costs and risks of applying for a visa by themselves, such as airfares, removals and accommodation. There is a high failure rate for DIY applications. We provide clarity to avoid unnecessary costs, risks and delays.