Visa Types

The important things to know when applying for an Australian visa are:
1. Applying for the right type of visa
2. Application requirements

Below are some of the main visa types. Please choose the one that suits you best.


Skilled Migration

You've been studying or just graduated in Australia, OR you've been working in Australia, or are currently working outside Australia.


Employer Sponsored

You want to stay in Australia for the long-term.
You're currently working in Australia under another visa.


Temporary Visa

You've been offered a job in Australia, are thinking of taking working-holiday, OR
you're retired.


Student Visa

You're about to study in Australia.                                                                                       


Business Visa

You're a senior executive or a business owner. 
You're looking to invest in Australia.

family visa.jpg

Family Visa

You have children in Australia, OR
your partner is in Australia.


Click below if you're unsure about which Visa best suits you.