Why Migrate To Perth?

Why do people commonly seek to migrate to Perth? Be it for Perth’s affordable cost of living compared to other Australian cities, perfect weather, good career and financial prospects or just generally a better quality of life, this city has plenty to offer.

In fact, Perth consistently ranks in the Top 10 Cities To Live In list annually!

However, the Australian migration process can be complicated and challenging. This is where Migrate Aussie comes in - we ensure you have a smooth journey throughout the entire process.

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Which Visa Pathway Should I Apply For?


Are you a skilled worker looking to attain an Australian permanent/provisional residency? This allows you to live and work in Australia.


Are you a business owner looking to start a new/current business in Australia? This allows you and your family to live in Australia.


You can invest in approved funds in Australia and receive a residency status for you and your family.

Do I Qualify To Migrate To Perth?

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Why Migrate Aussie?

We're a small team based in Perth that has a track record of 1,200 visas granted over the past 8 years. As locals and also specialists in the Perth migration scene, we can ensure that you get your visa faster and also seamlessly. A smaller team also means that you get more contact time with us!

Our advantages:

  • We make it easy for you by handling every step of migration process

  • We're a fully certified team with years of industry experience, and are official recognised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia (MARA)

  • 99% success rate by ensuring a high standard of pre-application assessment, thereby saving you time and money by determining early on whether you qualify for immigration, and your best options

  • Avoiding costs, risks, and delays by providing clarity - many underestimate the costs and risks of applying for a visa by themselves, such as airfares, logistics, and accommodation


We have been privileged enough to work with many, many clients over the years and they have been kind enough to share what they thought of our services: